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Current Shop Opening Hours

Despite the new Leicester Lockdown Our Shop in Silver Street is Open Friday and Saturday 11am till 2pm Things in the shop my have changed a little, but our warm welcome hasn't! We are loving seeing our customers again faceRead more


Shop Update; New Ways to Buy!

Although you haven't heard from us for a while (sorry about that) we haven't been idly doing nothing, we've been taking stock and considering our options. Our priority is to come out of this crisis strong for the sake of ourRead more


We Are Still Open!

We will stay open as long as we have customers and staff who can safely serve them! As of Monday 23rd March we will reduce our opening hours to 11am till 3pm. As the situation changes from day to dayRead more

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We promote fair trade ethical and sustainable living



Our range of goods from fashion to food, socks to crocks is ever growing



People are a the heart of what Just… is all about. We'd love you to get involved.

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More than JUST… Coffee & tie-dye!

As proud members of Bafts, fair trade network UK, we are a social enterprise, we’re about trading for a better world. Producers working their way out of poverty, valued for their skill and expertise. Their children in school, healthy and well fed. The earth’s rich resources renewed and protected. Through our actions we want to see a brighter future for all. We’d love you to join us.

Featured products


Handloom Cotton Throws

Handloom cotton throws. They are imported from India by Namaste, a UK based company who have been working with a


RedTribe Beaded Jewellery

RedTribe started with just one Maasai widow and a few beads, but has now grown to 20 skilled artisans selling