Looking For 2 Part Time Workers To Join The Team

We are looking for 2 people to join our vibrant team; a permanent shop supervisor plus a Christmas shop assistant to work until the end of the year. We are looking for people who have experience of working in a fast paced retail environment and want to provide a great experience for our customers. People who really enjoy working in retail and take pleasure in delivering top quality service to all customers. Background We are a workers’ co-op social enterprise set up in 2000 with a mix of paid and volunteer staff. We have a shop selling fairly traded ethical

Cycle of Good; A Quiet Revolution

Our Annual General Meeting Celebrating all things Just! At this FREE event we will be reviewing our business, appointing directors and looking to the future of Just here in Leicester. We are also delighted to have a guest speaker, Kelly Shenton, business manager at Cycle of Good. We sell their amazing wallets, purses and accessories made by up cycling bicycle inner tubes. Kelly will talk to us about this amazing social enterprise based in Malawi and how it is bringing about a quiet evolution of skills building and economic growth in a country with no welfare state: if you don’t

We are looking for a new person to join our small staff team as shop manager. Someone who is excited by the possibility of not only taking a lead in the day to day operations of the shop, but also being involved in the future development of the business. About You You will; have significant retail experience and enjoy all aspects of working on the shop floor. show by your example excellent customer service. have an interest in maintaining and building new relationships with our many suppliers. be keen to source potential new product lines to keep the shop vibrant

Hi-di-hi bags are eco friendly and vegan friendly. We have only had them in the shop for a couple of weeks but they are already proving very popular. They are made from an artificial leather, an exclusive leather look toxic free polyurethane with a water resisting lining. This means they are not only attractive and fun but also strong and practical. Though they are suitable for vegans, you don't have to be vegan to love them! Hi-di-hi is a Dutch brand, founded in 2006 by designer Sylvia Y. Krens. Sylvia wanted to bring more fun into every day life so

Eco Baskets by Mowgs

Mowgs baskets was started by marketing professional Michal Simpson. A few years ago she was traveling through Asia and she came across a remote farming village in Myanmar ( Burma) where in the rainy season the villagers would weave traditional cane baskets. They use the baskets to carry their daily shopping and fresh fish. However the weavers has switch the cain for colourful plastic packaging. One of the weavers had looked at a pile of discarded plastic packaging tape and came up with the idea of using it to weave with. The local area has problems with pollution and dumping of rubbish.

Esther is an inspirational women to spend time with, I was lucky enough to do that last week. One could say that she is a living example of women's empowerment. Esther is the chair of the Kabng'etuny Women in Coffee Association, a Co-op of 300 women in Kericho Kenya East Africa.  I'm sure many of you, like me, have heard stories from Fairtrade producers over the years; how Fairtrade has given producers a higher, fairer price for their crop, and how the social premium has benefited the whole community by paying for things like bore holes to bring clean water

Recycled Metal Sculptures

These beautiful sculptures made from recycled metal are made by a group of skilled artisans in Harare, Zimbabwe. They have an international reputation for producing the highest quality metal sculptures available from Africa. The products are Fair Trade and purchases of these recycled metal sculptures help provide a stable income and good standard of living for the artists and their families. The recycled metal is heated and refashioned by hand into a range of sculptures featuring birds and flowers. The finished sculptures are then given a protective coat of varnish. They are perfect additions to the garden as attractive feature


Meet the Women who Grow your Morning Coffee

A story of gender equality, coffee and climate change. Monday 6th March 2017 5.30pm to 7.30pm City Hall, 115 Charles Street Leicester, LE1 1FZ Fairtrade Leicester presents an evening with Esther Koskei, Chairlady of the Kabng’etuny Women in Coffee Association in Kenya. Come and meet this inspiring woman farmer and listen as she shares with us the work of her co-op. Hear how Fairtrade Africa is helping them: Promote gender equality and empower women and girls Improve the quality and quantity of their coffee Change their behaviour to combat climate change and reduce its impact This event is FREE to

Trashy Bags

Trashy Bags are a social enterprise based in Accra, Ghana. They collect waste plastic and transform it into practical and fashionable bags. Trashy Bags are more than just unique and stylish products, they also stand for change, self-empowerment and above all, hope! Trashy Bags is a truly grassroots initiative that gives ordinary Africans a sense of pride in their ability to innovate and to turn the serious problem of plastic trash into an opportunity. It not only provides them with an income but also gives them the confidence that they are doing their part to clean up the environment. The

fairsquared health&beauty

Fair Squared Beauty Evening

Thursday 3rd November Pop into the shop between 6pm and 8pm Join us for a special evening for you and your friends. Berta from Fair Squared Health and Beauty will be with us to share her knowledge giving advice and mini hand massages. We will hear stories from the people who make the ingredients that go into this fabulous Fairtrade range. We can also help you choose that special outfit from our extensive range of Nomads and Braintree clothing, or you could get ahead with your Christmas shopping. All this is FREE plus wine and nibbles, a prize draw and special on the night offers. No


Recycled Plastic Bottle Rugs

When we first saw these soft and beautiful rugs we could not believe that they were made from 100% recycled plastic bottles. They look and feel like our other wool and cotton rugs! They are made in India by a clever process that breaks the bottles down into super fine fibres that can then be spun into thread and yarn. So versatile, these rugs can be used indoors or outside on balconies, decking or even as picnic rugs. The recycled plastic bottle rugs are resistant to sunlight fading and can be easily washed clean with a hosepipe and dry in

Ocean Sole Flipflop Animals

Ocean Sole are a social enterprise based in Kenya. They recycle flipflops into colourful flipflop animals. The flipflops are found littered on the beaches and waterways of Kenya. Flipflops are one of the largest marine pollutants on Kenyan beaches. It is very bizarre but thousands and thousands of flipflops are washed up onto the East African coast each year creating an environmental disaster. Not only spoiling the natural beauty of our beaches and oceans, but the rubber soles are swallowed & suffocated on by fish & other animals. They also obstruct baby turtles from reaching the sea and are a man-made menace

Pebble knitted and crochet Toys

Pebble toys are hand knitted and crocheted by women in a workers' co-operative in rural Bangladesh.   Living in the rural areas in very hard work but conditions are generally better than the alternative of working in a sweat shop in a city like Dhaka. The women work as subsistence farmers and looking after their homes. Creating the toys is fitted in around their other responsibilities. The work is sociable as the women gather together to knit and crochet and the children and grandmothers join them. Best Years are the company who import the toys form Bangladesh. Here is an exert from

Zhambala String Lights

Zhambala string lights are hand made, fair trade and ethically sourced. They come in a variety of styles all made in Thailand. Probably the most popular are the delicate rose lights. The rose flower string lights are made from skeletalised rubber leaves which can take at least a month to produce. Once the leaves have been skeletalised they are dyed in a range of colours, then they are treated to be fire proof. They are then fitted onto the light fittings. All this is done carefully by hand by skilled trained workers. Zhambala also have pretty colourful fairy lights made

Kazuri Beaded Jewellery

Kerry and Sarah have returned from the Autumn Fair and are really happy with the new range of Kazuri Beaded Jewellery they found. Kazuri means small and beautiful in Kiswahili and is the name given to the beautiful hand made beads from just outside Nairobi in Kenya. Each bead is shaped from clay by hand, then kiln fired, hand glazed and fired again. It is then strung to make a necklace, bracelet or pair of earrings. Kazuri was founded back in 1975 to create employment for struggling single mothers and now employs 350 local women. The workshop is still in

Handloom Cotton Throws

New stocks of these fabulous handloom throws have arrived. They are 100% soft cotton handloom in a chevron design. They come in 6 different colour ways; sage, indigo, red, natural, chocolate and terracotta. There's a throw to go with every colour scheme. They are 125cm X150cm, not too small but not to big! They are fabulous and will brighten and soften anywhere; put one in your summer house, on the chair in your garden shed or down the allotment, take one to your beach hut or just maybe have one on your favourite chair at home! They also make great

We've shelves full of this new range of Fairtrade health and beauty products. Made with top quality natural ingredients that are not only fantastic for the skin but also Fairtrade, vegan and halal. None of the ingredients are tested on animals and no synthetic fragrances or petrochemical derivatives are used. The staff have all been trying them! So far Kerry loves the vanilla shower gel because, 'It smells like pudding!" it uses Zaytoun extra virgin olive oil from Palestine. Shona is loving using the green tea body lotion, the tea comes from Darjeeling in the foothills of the Himalayas and


Rotavator for Howard in Malawi!

We've just received this picture of Howard with the new rotavator in Malawi. This time last year Howard visited Leicester from a smallholder farmers association in Northern Malawi. Howard is a farmer growing rice as a cash crop on his small farm. He told a packed audience in our shop in Leicester about the transformation he has seen in his community since they started selling their rice under fair trade terms to people like us here! He also visited Avenue Primary School inspiring them to sell lots of his rice and also to raise money for a much needed rotavator.

Recycled Glass from Bolivia

CRISIL is a recycled glass-making factory situated in Cochabamba, central Bolivia. It is a family-owned business begun by two brothers, Carlos and Walter Bustos, after one of them spent some years in the USA but wanted to return to his home country. They make beautiful handmade glass products for Traidcraft which are very popular with our customers here in Leicester. The gorgeous hand-blown recycled glasses are a true household essential - beautiful, yet robust enough for everyday use. Practical too as they are fully dishwasher safe and for as little as £3.50 each not expensive. Gregorio who joined Crisil nine years

Natural Quality Leather Bags

We have the quality leather bag just right for your needs! Whether you prefer to keep your things in a satchel, a courier bag, rucksack or a saddlebag, our range of natural leather bags will offer you that perfect mix of practicality and style that you need. Our natural leather bags come from Paper High, a fabulous fair trade family business who have been importing from India Nepal and Sri Lanka since 2001. The bags coming in a variety of designs and sizes, each and every one is handmade from genuine goat leather in the desert state of Rajasthan, India.

Nalini & Halima

Join Our Happy Team of Volunteers!

At Just we are dependant on our team of volunteers who work alongside our paid staff undertaking all aspects of retail work. We would really like to welcome new volunteers over the summer. We usually have about 20 volunteers working with us on a week by week basis. We have had many volunteers who have been working with us for over 10 years! There is no one type of person who makes a good volunteer! We have young students - some come to us for a work experience placement and enjoy it so much they stay on volunteering each week.