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One Village Paradise Garden cushion cover

One Village began in 1979 as an organisation providing marketing support for craftmakers  co-operatives in Asia and Africa, before 'fair trade' as we recognise it today really existed. Today, they retain this commitment to producers but with a focus on making their beautiful products available to consumers. Of the Paradise Garden cushion cover, they say: A glimpse of paradise in an organized garden of a four cornered pool with pathways, flowers, trees and joyful birds. It is the style commonly associated with Islamic imagery in garden design. The origins of this heavenly vision are symbolic and really ancient, probably going

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Cafe Direct One Acre Uganda Bushenyi Hills Tea

Café Direct was one of the early fair trade pioneers, born out of a coffee crisis in 1989. They were the first coffee brand in the UK to carry the fair trade mark when it was launched in 1994 and today they continue to innovate and promote sustainable, positive approaches to business. This commitment to innovation has included diversifying into tea production, and Uganda Bushenyi Hills tea is one of a range of three hand-picked teas sourced from small African tea gardens. You can find all three teas - Uganda Bushenyi Hills, Great Rift Valley Tanzanian and Mount Kenya Misty Morning

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Clean and Fair lemon and lime multi-surface cleaner

Palm oil is one of those products that’s become a little controversial. Often grown in places where it’s not indigenous, its production on huge plantations has been blamed for the destruction of whole ecosystems. However, Traidcraft, working with the Serendipalm co-operative in Ghana, has produced a fair trade, organic palm oil, grown on small-holder farms, combined it with fair trade coconut oil from India and produced a brilliant range of cleaning products. The lemon and lime surface cleaner does the same job as your normal, chemical cleaner but in way that’s fairer for the producers and better for the environment –

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Chocolate Week 2014

It will come as no surprise to hear that when, in 2013, we discovered there’s a whole week dedicated to chocolate, we decided we had to be a part of it! Having caught on a bit late in the day last year, we were much more organised second time round, starting our planning over the summer, liaising with some of our favourite suppliers and coming up with great deals across our chocolate ranges. For one week only we had an unprecedented buy-one-get-one-free on Divine 100g bars and 2-for-1 on Traidcraft More Than Just… chocolate. But the highlight of the week

The height of fashion!

It’s been a couple of years since Just hosted a fashion show, so when we decided, back in the summer, that it was time to revisit a familiar event we wanted to make sure it would be an evening to remember! So on Saturday 11 October, around a hundred and fifty people converged on St Martin’s House for an evening of ethical, eco and fairly traded fashion, complete with a market place filled to the gunnels with some of our favourite clothing companies! Braintree, Nomads, Earth Squared, Traidcraft, Manumit, Shared Earth and Pachamama Knitwear all found their way down the