Malawi Evening, Monday 22 June 2015

Rice farmer Howard Chiko Msukwa and Just Trading Scotland founder John Riches will be telling us a little about life in Malawi and the impact that fair trade is having on communities, particularly through education. There’ll be a chance to hear about the 90kg Rice Challenge and, of course, the opportunity for you to sign your community up to taking part in this life-changing initiative!

For many people, actually meeting a fair trade producer is the moment when ‘fair trade’ shifts from being a nice idea to a day-to-day commitment. If you’ve ever wondered whether fair trade really makes a difference, then this evening is for you!

And, of course, there’ll be plenty of time for shopping, chatting and exploring all the other brilliant products (including more from Malawi!) we have in stock!

From a refreshment and goodie bag point of view it’s always helpful to have an idea of numbers; if you could let us know you’re coming that would be great! It’s completely free, so do invite friends and family – the more, the merrier! Pop in, phone us on 0116 253 8032 or email