White Friday

Friday 27 November, 6-8.30pm

Despite only arriving in the UK two years ago, Black Friday has already become synonymous with both bargain price electricals and scenes of chaos and disorder. Here at Just Fair Trade we also have a sneaking suspicion that this new shopping phenomenon is compounding a situation in which consumers don’t really understand the value of what they buy and rarely consider the people who make the goods they shop for.

So we want to offer an alternative shopping experience which we’ve imaginative dubbed White Friday! On Friday 27 November, as the madness of Black Friday is subsiding we’d love you to come and join us for an evening celebrating the best in handcrafted, fair trade products! We’ll be telling the stories of some of our producers, and encouraging you to consider the positive potential of your buying power.

There will be no deals and no refreshments – in fact, we’re going to charge you to come! But every penny of the cost of your ticket will go towards purchasing a rotavator for rice farmers in Malawi.