RedTribe Beaded Jewellery

RedTribe started with just one Maasai widow and a few beads, but has now grown to 20 skilled artisans selling their jewellery world wide.

RedTribe aims to empower marginalized Maasai women in the beautiful, remote Loita Hills in Southern Kenya.

They work together to create a product using traditional Maasai bead-work techniques which can easily be worn in a western context.

With exotic colobus monkeys jumping overhead, the skilled artisans sit on the grass under the shade of the trees when they meet up every week to drink chai, chat and make bead-work jewellery together.
Pelua helps to manage the team while others work on designs for new pieces of jewellery.

Each week they collect the finished beadwork made during the week at their homes and Pelua carefully finishes and checks them to make sure they are of the highest quality before they are sent to the UK, USA, Australia and South Africa to be sold.

As well as providing a fair wage for all the artisans, RedTribe also pays the salary of a teacher in the Maasai school that is being  developed. The school was started by a few concerned parents and a caring Pastor in the community. He started teaching with little or no resources in the local church building. RedTribe has got behind this venture and the school has grown from 6 children and 1 teacher to 222 children with 12 teachers, 9 classrooms, a sports field, kitchen, food store and a daily feeding program.

RedTribe seems to be making a big difference in the lives of these women.

Mama Amos said: ” I am a widow and had to rely to my sons to support me. I am no longer a burden, but instead I can contribute to the family. With the money I have earned through RedTribe, I have bought goats and paid school fees for my grand children. My life is better now.’
It is a joy to be part of RedTribe with these amazing Maasai women!