Bt floral dress

Braintree Organic Ethical Clothing

Thoughtfully designed ethical and eco clothing that fits perfectly and feels great. The contemporary collection of organic clothing is from sustainable and eco-friendly sources, including bamboo, hemp and organic cotton.

As a supporter of ‘slow’ rather than ‘fast’ fashion Braintree is dedicated to producing original, yet timeless pieces rather than chasing each fleeting trend. Believing in prolonging the life of both your clothes and their existence. 

They create dresses, tops, tunics, skirts, and trousers, leggings. They also are the people that make our famous SOCKS! Yes once you’ve worn a pair of bamboo socks nothing else will ever do!

But the quality of their products isn’t all that Braintree care about. How they do business is also important. They endeavour to show kindness and respect to all the people and partners they work with. They continue to work with some of the first factories they worked with when they founded Braintree over twenty years ago. They believe in growing their businesses and skills together with the factory workers.

Forming these continued partnerships mean their growth and vision are shared, and that together they  create more jobs, protect wages, and develop skills as well as businesses. Their relationships are completely open and two-way. Read more.