Recycled Enamelled Aluminium Tableware

These aluminium bowls, platters and dishes come in various colours, designs and sizes including large salad bowls with matching salad servers, small bowls perfect for nuts and nibbles, platters for biscuits and pickle trays with mini dishes and spoons perfect for chutneys. They are hand made by skilled artisans in Rajasthan India working in fair trade co-ops. The artisans take recycled post consumer waste aluminium such as cans, foil and take away dishes etc. and make them into beautiful new products. They use a traditional sand casting method to produce the basic shapes, they are then rough polished and enamelled before being beautifully finished with a smooth polish.  Every one of these items is individually made to the very highest quality with a hand finished colour enamel inside.

Primary production of aluminium uses large amounts of energy, is a heavy polluter resulting in high levels of carbon emissions and pollution in the local area. By re using aluminium already in circulation this range of tableware not only saves waste from land fill it is resource efficient, re-inventing a purpose for materials already in circulation, therefore reducing landfill and carbon emissions from new aluminium processing.

Aluminium is a traditional gift for the tenth wedding anniversary, but they are popular gifts for Christmas, birthdays, weddings and engagements.

All our aluminium gifts are food safe, but not dishwasher safe.
Direct sunlight can fade the colours, so please do not put your items on window sills or in conservatories in direct sun.