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Why ‘White Friday’?

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Despite only arriving in the UK two years ago, Black Friday has already become synonymous with both bargain price electricals and scenes of chaos and disorder. Here at Just Fair Trade we also have a sneaking suspicion that this new shopping phenomenon is compounding a situation in which consumers don’t really understand the value of… Read more »

Christmas 2015: The return of the toy shop

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For the third consecutive year, Just Fair Trade has opened a pop-up toy shop in St Martin’s Square! Designed to showcase the very best in ethically produced children’s toys, the toy shop offers handcrafted wooden and fabric toys and puzzles made by artisans in Sri Lanka and Bangladesh where the income provided by steady, dignified employment… Read more »

Elephant Paper Aqua Notebook

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When we say elephant paper, what we really mean is elephant poo paper!! It’s collected, boiled, dried and disinfected and then pulped together to make a soft-touch fibrous paper. Then it’s transformed into an amazing range of notebooks, photo albums and frames. Not only are these products fairly traded, they’re also great for the environment… Read more »

Our Toy Shop – Christmas 2014


It goes without saying that at Just Fair Trade we love all our products, but if we’re honest, we have to admit to having some favourites; pretty near the top of the list sit the beautiful toys we stock from the marvellous Lanka Kade. We’ve stocked toys for several years, but in 2013 we took the… Read more »