Beautiful Fair Trade Ethical and Eco clothing

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Our spring range of beautiful fair trade, ethical and eco clothing is now in the shop.

Browse from our range from Braintree. Thoughtfully designed ethical and eco clothing that fits perfectly and feels great. The contemporary collection of organic clothing is from sustainable and eco-friendly sources, including bamboo, hemp and organic cotton.

Organic cotton is a great choice because it’s the kindest to the environment and the growers. Grown naturally, the soil requires less water and maintains good levels of fertility. The cotton growers are healthy too because they are not handling harmful pesticides only natural materials.

Our clothes from Nomads are fair trade beautiful and ethical. They are created in India with respect for both the artisans and the environment in which they are made. Being passionate about promoting traditional skills, Nomads blend artisan crafts with modern styles to create beautiful embroidered clothing. Each area of India specializes in unique embroidery patterns. Nature plays a key role in the design and inspiration is often drawn from flowers, trees, and birds.

When you choose to buy from us you get quality well designed clothing and you are shopping with a conscience. You know that the people who make your clothes are paid fairly and treated with respect and the environmental impact is kept to a minimum.

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