Clean and Fair lemon and lime multi-surface cleaner

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Palm oil is one of those products that’s become a little controversial. Often grown in places where it’s not indigenous, its production on huge plantations has been blamed for the destruction of whole ecosystems. However, Traidcraft, working with the Serendipalm co-operative in Ghana, has produced a fair trade, organic palm oil, grown on small-holder farms, combined it with fair trade coconut oil from India and produced a brilliant range of cleaning products.

The lemon and lime surface cleaner does the same job as your normal, chemical cleaner but in way that’s fairer for the producers and better for the environment – what’s not to like?!

As Traidcraft have pointed out, Clean and Fair products are:

Great for people

A fair price will really make a difference to farmers, workers and their families, and the fair trade premium will transform communities.

Great performance 

Traidcraft have worked with experts to develop cleaning products that work brilliantly.

Great for the planet 

The palm and coconut oils are grown and processed organically by smallholder farmers who work with nature.

So why not pop in, pick up and bottle and get your spring cleaning off to a great start?!

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