Emilie Holdall

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These vintage-inspired holdalls are just a small part of Patchouli Fair’s range of brightly coloured floral dresses, accessories and home wares which have, over the years, come to play an integral role in Just Fair Trade’s summer offerings!

As far as we’re concerned, Donna, Patchouli Fair’s founder, has joined the league of those who, like Elvis, Madonna and Kylie, don’t need a surname! Her periodic visits to the shop involve the arrival of huge suitcases filled with the current season’s range, followed by several hours of rummaging, conversation and tea! Her summer dresses are unique amongst our clothing suppliers and bring a welcome wave of colour and floaty fabric to our hanging rails!

And she’s not afraid to nail her fair trade colours to the mast – in November 2013 she took part in (and won!) Come Dine With Me, wearing her beautiful dresses and talking about fair trade at every available opportunity! And, yes, the episode is still available on 4od should you wish to seek it out!!