Vegan Friendly Eco Friendly Leather Bags

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Hi-di-hi bags are eco friendly and vegan friendly. We have only had them in the shop for a couple of weeks but they are already proving very popular. They are made from an artificial leather, an exclusive leather look toxic free polyurethane with a water resisting lining. This means they are not only attractive and fun but also strong and practical. Though they are suitable for vegans, you don’t have to be vegan to love them!

Hi-di-hi is a Dutch brand, founded in 2006 by designer Sylvia Y. Krens. Sylvia wanted to bring more fun into every day life so she decided to design bags and accessories which would make passers-by smile. Made in many shapes and colours and with high quality materials. Only a few of each design are made making them really individual.

They are designed in Holland but made in China. The factory in China is run to the highest standards. They care for their workers ensuring all staff are treaded fairly. This means more then just in terms of pay and conditions. Workers are given training in all aspects of the manufacturing process to make sure that all bags are of the highest quality. They are also encouraged to attend free education classes, given free insurance, accommodation and food. Hi-di-hi care, not only in producing top quality bags but also they care about the people who manufacture them.