Lion Father Lion Son Father’s Day card

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This beautiful handmade card is one of four produced by Cards From Africa to celebrate Father’s Day. They say:

At Cards from Africa, we make all of our handmade paper from discarded scraps that would otherwise be destined to burn. Not only is this environmentally friendly, it also ensures that we have a large range of base colours and textures of paper to work with. On average it takes 30 minutes to make one card — so each card really is a labour of love!

Without adding any chemicals to bleach the paper, we create various textures using natural products found in the wide open spaces surrounding our workspace in Kigali, the capital of Rwanda. Petals from Bougainvillea, umunyinya (similar to pine needles), reflective mica rock flakes, and the imprint of woven grass mats are just a few things that we incorporate into our process of making unique paper with which to make our unique greeting cards.

We’re big fans of Cards From Africa, not least because founder Sarah and shop manager Kerry had the opportunity to go and visit the card-making project in the spring of 2014 – you can read more about their trip of a lifetime here!

These Father’s Day cards are just a small selection of a much larger range which we stock in full. Thirteen cards represents one day’s labour for a single worker so why not pop in and stock up, knowing that you’re providing an artisan in Kigali with a dignified day’s work?