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Although Just Fair Trade isn’t a ‘Christian organisation’, it is rooted in the extensive Christian community in Leicester, and at Christmas and Easter those roots come a little further to the fore! The Meangingful Chocolate Company provides an opportunity for Christians to reflect on the faith dimensions of those two festivals without missing out on the chocolate!!

A little more about the Meaningful Chocolate Company…

A great way to share the Christmas Story

The Real Advent Calendar is a  fun way for parents, grandparents and Godparents to share the Christmas story. The calendar comes with a free 32-page Christmas story activity booklet illustrated by Sophie Allsopp and designed to be used every day in Advent.

Behind each of the 24 windows there is a Fairtrade chocolate star and a few words from the Christmas story.

As well as celebrating the true meaning of Christmas, the calendar makes a charity donation, from every sale, to Traidcraft Exchange and the Funzi & Bodo Trust.


We manufacture using only the finest quality fairly traded chocolate while promoting business practices that respect the environment and dignity of others. We do not use palm oil in our chocolate.

Our sugar comes from cooperatives in Paraguay and Beliz and our cocoa from cooperatives in the Ivory Coast, the Dominican Republic, Ghana, Peru, Panama and Ecuador. The chocolate is made in Belgium.

Our packaging is made from recycled content and is also recyclable. Our products use as little packaging as possible and we avoid the use of plastic. We seek to reduce greenhouse gasses, minimising the use of road transport. We recycle our own waste and use fairly traded products in our own business.


We seek to achieve sustainable financial profitable growth, increasing value for stakeholders and expanding opportunities for our employees.

We insist that all our financial, legal, creative and manufacturing partners have made a visible commitment to using fairly traded products where they can.

We are an equal opportunity employer that welcomes diversity and are dedicated to the policy of non-discrimination in employment on any basis including gender, race, ethnicity, religious affiliation, sexual orientation, age or physical ability.


We seek to be a responsible company that works to serve and promote the common good. A big chunk of our profits are given to registered charities that have a social good at their heart. We support the promotion of healthy lifestyles.

We are a registered and accredited Fairtrade company with the Fairtrade Foundation and FLO. Through the Fairtrade Foundation and our suppliers and business associates, we support education programmes.

Charities and projects

A big chunk of our profits are given to registered charities that have a social good at their heart. We have helped raise and donated more than £50,000 to charities such as Baby Lifeline and Traidcraft Exchange.

We pay a percentage of our production costs to the Fairtrade Foundation to support their work and education promotions.

Our farmers received a guaranteed price for their cocoa and sugar as well as a Fairtrade Growers’ Premium of $60 a tonne to invest in their community’s wellbeing.

Taken from The Meaningful Chocolate Company and Real Advent

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