Men’s White Pants To Poverty Trunks

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The ultimate in practical presents, these Pants to Poverty trunks do exactly what it says on the package!

Pants To Poverty was launched as part of the Make Poverty History campaign back in 2005 and since they’ve been committed to ‘developing a transformational business model that is beautiful from cotton to bottom’! They say:

‘We may be small, slightly eccentric and utterly uncompromising, but with your help, we will prove how fashion will change the world.  The world needs change, and the power to do that lies in your pants.’

Underwear is definitely one of those areas in which our perceptions as consumers of what constitutes a ‘fair price’ is particularly warped. Multipacks and a ‘cheap and cheerful’ approach means that the price tag on a pair of P2P pants can seem a little steep, but the key principle to remember – as ever, when you’re trying to do a like-for-like comparison between a ‘normal’ and a fair trade product – is that we’ve been conditioned to think that fair trade is overpriced when often our benchmark for ‘normal’ is a significantly under-priced product.

So why not push the boat out a little this Father’s Day and buy your dad something just that little bit different?!