Eco Baskets by Mowgs

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Mowgs baskets was started by marketing professional Michal Simpson. A few years ago she was traveling through Asia and she came across a remote farming village in Myanmar ( Burma) where in the rainy season the villagers would weave traditional cane baskets. They use the baskets to carry their daily shopping and fresh fish. However the weavers has switch the cain for colourful plastic packaging. One of the weavers had looked at a pile of discarded plastic packaging tape and came up with the idea of using it to weave with. The local area has problems with pollution and dumping of rubbish. The artisans weaving with the used plastic tape instead of the traditional cain was a great idea. Each bag takes an entire day to make. The weavers without realising it had turned an old piece of plastic packaging tape into a fashionable functional accessory which is helping to protect our environment; recycling at its best.

Michal loved the fusion of classical weaving techniques, modern design, and eco-friendliness, and she knew her friends in Europe would too. So she began working with the women of Myanmar to bring their wonderful creations back with her to the UK which lead to the launch of her accessory brand Mowgs in 2015.

We met Michal at the Spring Fair in Birmingham and knew we had to have them in our shop!

We have a range of Petal Baskets, an exquisite woven floral repeat pattern with elegant circular handles. Available in three sizes, they are colourful and strong. They will be great to take on a picnic or to the beach, but are so irresistible that you’ll want to use it every single day, even here in Leicester!