New Covid Rules for Retailers And February Opening Hours

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We were contacted by the council and told that we should not be selling our non- essential goods. No, we didn’t understand either! So if we can’t, why can shops like M&S and Wilco sell all their non- essential ranges?

The rules have changed. Shops can sell anything as long as it is on the same floor as their essential products. So Wilko in town is all on one floor so the whole shop is open to customers. M&S have moved stock down onto their ground floor so they can sell it alongside their essentials.

This means we can not sell stock on our ground floor or from the basement but we can sell anything that is upstairs with our essentials. As you can imagine more of our stock in moving upstairs!

We are now open just Fridays and Saturdays 11am till 3pm. Town is very quiet so if you are able we think, that coming into town to do essential shopping is a safe option. I personally find I can get most essentials in a trip to town. I fill my bike panniers with food from Just (of course) plus fruit and veg and cheese and meat from the market.