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A New Way to Shop at Just

At Just we believe the clothes we sell are the highest quality and so they can last a lifetime. We don’t want our clothes to end up in landfill, we want them to be worn and loved for many, many years.

Our aim is to keep our clothing in circulation much longer than the lifespan of your typical garment. We also want to make it easier for our customers to refresh their wardrobe by giving them a little perk in the form of a voucher!

How it works


Bring a garment into the shop. We accept Clothing from bands that we sell, or have sold in the past; Nomads, Thought /Braintree, Peopletree and Mudd & Water (excluding socks, tights and leggings). Make sure it is clean and in a good re sellable condition.*

Get a Voucher

We will give you a £5 voucher for each garment returned. The voucher is redeemable against any new garment over £30. Vouchers must be redeemed within a month of issue. 1 voucher per garment.


Get something new; browse our range of new clothing and use your voucher. 

Pick up a bargain; look through our Pre-Loved Rail and get something new to you at a very reasonable price.**

So flick through your wardrobe, rummage in your drawers and find those tops, dresses and trousers you no longer wear. Bring them into Just. Give them a new lease of life. Let them be loved by someone new.

*We reserve the right to refuse any garment if we feel it is not in a condition to re-sell.

** Pre- Loved garments are non returnable