Clockwork Soldier- Build a Mega-Bot


Age 7-107

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Build a giant mega robot measuring a whopping 51cm tall!

Piece together this vintage style robot with the pre cut and scored card pieces.
There are six inspiring messages for your robot to hold and a fun activity sheet to complete.

No glue or scissors needed
Contents: 13x card pieces, 3x double sided message sheets, 1x instruction sheet, 1x activity sheet
Made from FSC certified recycled card
Age 7-107

Product size when built: approx 51x21x11.5cm

Learning about Science

The power of science is incredible!. The educational aspects of our products touch on subjects such as Space science in which a child can learn about our Solar system, flight, aerodynamics. Children can also learn about the science of nature in which they can learn about Eco systems, food chains, the environment, and even grow their own plant life.

Interactive play

Gifts to encourage interactive play

To us interactive play is so important as it promotes social interaction, exploration, and story telling skills. But mostly it encourages a child to use their imagination. To think independently and to problem solve by themselves.


Gifts to promote fine motor skills

Fine motor skills, dexterity, and coordination are key skills used in the majority of Clockwork Soldier products. Making things should be fun. Learning techniques, and craft skills will help develop a child’s fine motor skills.