Cora and Spink Pocket Square Canvas Wallet


Vegan cotton/canvas


A minimalist wallet that enables you to neatly carry as much or as little as you need. Perfectly proportioned and great with added gusset for ease of access

  • Waxed waterproofed cotton canvas (vegan friendly)
  • Recycled/reclaimed cotton lining
  • Metal zip
  • Outside approx. 11 cm (w) x 11cm


  • Every Cora + Spink product makes use of recycled cotton canvas, which is natural and biodegradable. It is ethically sourced through local cooperatives. It is hand spun and hand woven cotton made from garment industry offcuts, waste and recycled clothes. They are made in Kolkata India in a SEDEX accredited factory that is working towards gaining recognised international awards. They  work with The West Bengal Government’s Khadi Board – a  co-operative that supports cloth/canvas hand weavers and hand spinners  with education programs, access to resources, business help and guidance and most of all protection from exploitation in all it’s guises.



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aqua, Blue, burgundy, green, orange