Eco Chic Recycled Foldable Backpack


Lightweight backpacks made from plastic bottles

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Eco Chic Recycled Foldable Backpack

The outer material of Eco Chic bags are made of 100% rPET material, which is recycled PET (Polyethylene terephthalate) material from 4 plastic bottles.

Eco Chic bags are safe to machine wash at low temperatures without damaging the fabric. Plastic-based fabrics however, may release plastic microfibres into the water when washed; to minimise this we recommend washing your bags only when necessary, and to hand wash if possible. If using a washing machine, wash at 30°C or lower. Do not tumble dry.



  • (H) 200mm
  • (W) 270mm
  • (D) 25mm


  • (H) 430mm
  • (W) 270mm
  • (D) 160mm

Holding capacity of 15 kg

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