Egos Felt Slippers


Natural wool allows the feet to breathe and never feel too hot or too cold

In sizes  Eu 36 to 45/UK 3 to 10.5


Egos Felt Slippers are made from 100% natural wool

Sheep’s wool is perfect for making slippers. Wool is a natural product with great insulating properties so it allows the feet to breathe, so the slippers never feel too hot or too cold. Natural wool contains lanolin which makes them resistant to dirt, moisture and grime. It also reduces odours. When you start wearing your egos slippers they take on the form of your individual foot.

Egos slippers are designed in Denmark and made in Nepal. They have been certified as fair trade by the World Fair Trade Organisation since 2009.

Looking after your slippers
You can vacuum your slippers to remove dust. They can be washed in wool soap by hand or in the washing machine on the wool program at 30 degrees. The slippers are not damaged by spinning. After they are washed, put the wet slipper on your foot so that it takes the shape again then remove the slipper and leave to dry.


Eu 36 =UK 3 inside measurement  24 cm

Eu 37 = UK 4 inside measurement  24.5cm

Eu 38 = UK 5 inside measurement 25cm

Eu 39 = UK 6 inside measurement 26cm

Eu 40 = UK 6.5 inside measurement 26.5cm

Eu 41 = UK 7 inside measurement 27cm

Eu 42 = UK 8 inside measurement 28cm

Eu 43 = UK 9 inside measurement 28.5cm

Eu 44 = UK 10 inside measurement 29cm

Eu 45 = UK 10..5 inside measurement 30cm


Additional information


36, 37, 38, 39, 40, 41, 42, 43, 44, 45


Black, bordeaux, Clay, moss green, Mustard, Sea Blue


Egos Copenhagen

Felt slippers, designed in Denmark and made in Nepal with 100% natural wool. Founders Gry & Christian have been working in Nepal since 2000. They say; ‘We believe that the best way to contribute to the positive development of Nepal is to create good and sustainable jobs. From the beginning it was very important that all work would take place in a fair and orderly way and that workers would be paid a decent salary for their work.’ Egos was certified by the World Fair Trade Organisation, WFTO, in 2009.