Grumpy Mule Peru Femenino Ground Coffee 227g


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An organic and fair-trade coffee with rich flavour notes of dark chocolate, cocoa, and a combination of lemon and lime citric fruit aftertaste, that gives you a crisp finish. Balanced, rounded and versatile with a good, full-bodied mouthfeel, it is great to experiment across any filter method, bringing different characteristics, but also a very good espresso.

Peru Café Femenino is a coffee produced by the women of the Union Cecanor Co-operative in Peru’s Lambayeque region. Part of the Café Femenino Coffee Project, this coffee is grown, processed and traded exclusively by women in a way that allows the coffee’s natural qualities to shine.
Grumpy Mule care about their farmers, growers and customers, so they source fairly and sustainably – making sure that the growers share in their success, giving them the prices and respect that they deserve.These ethically grown beans are organically grown by producers in Peru and are Vegan and Fair trade Certified
Winner of Great taste awards 2016
Ground coffee beans
Strength: 3