Thought Essential Skirt Cover Leggings Bamboo Jersey

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Thought Essential Skirt Cover Leggings in Bamboo and Organic Cotton Jersey in a choice of Black or navy.

The super soft  luxury bamboo jersey leggings with stylish skirt over have a touch of stretch, perfect for relaxing in, for yoga or pilates.

67% viscose derived from bamboo 28% organic cotton 5% elastane jersey

Organic cotton is the best form of cotton, both for the planet, the growers and the people who wear it. It’s a pleasure to wear because of its breathable – it keeps you cool in summer, and cosy in winter. Nomads Organic cotton is certified by GOTS. The Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) is the leading authority on textile processing standards for organic fibres, focusing on all aspects of the supply chain.

The bamboo plants are grown organically protectsing surrounding soil, water and biodiversity. When harvested, the leaves and woody shoots are soaked in sodium hydroxide and sodium disulphide. The bamboo solution is then pulped and pushed through spinnerets with tiny holes – like a showerhead. The resulting threads are spun and woven into cloth. Bamboo can absorb up to 12 tonnes of co2 per hectare every year, is incredibly fast growing, so highly renewable and releases 35% more oxygen into the atmosphere than hard wood trees.


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Black, Navy



Sustainable fashion, designed to be loved

 Since their beginning in 1995 they have had big dreams - to bring joy with ethical clothing, creating effortlessly beautiful pieces which are kinder to the earth. Thought has sustainability at its heart. They use organic, recycled materials which are earth-friendly, soft to the touch and a pleasure to wear. The whole production process is good to people and the planet.