Traidcraft Recycled Toilet Tissue (4 rolls)


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Even your home essentials can be eco-friendly. Let’s be green together!

We love trees. Our 3-ply Toilet Tissue is made from 100% recycled paper, saving trees from being cut down and requiring less water to produce. With every purchase of our Toilet Tissue, you’re supporting Traidcraft’s life-changing work with makers and craftspeople around the world.

This wrapper is made from LDPE plastic, and can be recycled with your shopping bags. Stick it in your supermarket’s recycling bin and it might end up as a compost bin, padded envelope, or even floor tiles!

  • 100% Recycled paper
  • White 3-ply quilted toilet roll
  • Average 166 sheets per roll, 3-ply
  • 4 rolls per pack, with an average of 166 sheets per roll
  • Every purchase contributes towards a special Traidcraft producer development fund