The 90kg Rice Challenge

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The basic premise of the 90kg Rice Challenge is really very simple – you, or your faith group, school, office, sports team or community group, have to sell 90kg of rice in order to send a Malawian rice farmer’s child to secondary school for a year. That’s it!

Why should I do the Rice Challenge?

If we’re honest, we probably wouldn’t recommend doing the challenge on your own! If you’re involved in some kind of community group, take the challenge on together!

Malawi, one of the world’s least developed countries, has low life expectancy, high infant mortality and has been significantly affected by AIDS/HIV. Primary education is free but secondary education isn’t and completing the 90kg Rice Challenge will enable a rice farmer to send one of his children to secondary school for a year.

So the more compelling question becomes…why shouldn’t you do the challenge?!

How does it work?

Get in touch with Just Fair Trade by email or phone and we’ll order 90kgs of rice on your behalf and arrange for it to be delivered to you at your convenience. Your delivery will include a 90kg Rice Challenge pack containing loads of information about the rice, rice farmers, Malawi and plenty of resources including fliers, recipes and a ‘bingo board’ on which you can cross off your rice as you sell it!

We’ll invoice you for £243 (£2.70 per bag) which means all the money you take from your sales stays with you; with a recommended retail price of £2.95 per bag that gives you an extra £22 for your group to use in whatever way you choose!

How you choose to sell your rice is entirely up to you! You could set up a stall at the back of church, or at a coffee morning or Christmas market. You could simply divide the bags rice up between your group and each commit to selling your bags to your friends and family. Your options are limited only by your imagination!!

If you’re still not convinced, take a look at this success story from the Hinckley and Bosworth Fairtrade Forum!

Find out more about the 90kg Rice Challenge from Just Trading Scotland.