Our Toy Shop – Christmas 2014

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It goes without saying that at Just Fair Trade we love all our products, but if we’re honest, we have to admit to having some favourites; pretty near the top of the list sit the beautiful toys we stock from the marvellous Lanka Kade. We’ve stocked toys for several years, but in 2013 we took the big and fairly scary step of opening a pop-up toy shop for November and December. The gamble paid off and the shop was a massive success!

The obvious next step was to do the same thing in 2014 and this time we managed to secure the unit next door in Silver Street which we filled with pirate ships, dolls, skipping ropes and much, much more! The great thing about a pop-up shop is that it offers loads of space for the kind of products that are challenging to store and display in our main shop, like giant Noah’s Arks! And of course there’s space for play, a vital part of any good toy shop!

During the six weeks the toy shop was open we had some great conversations with mums and dads, grannies and granddads, aunts and uncles, friends and family and, of course, many, many small people! Some of the most consistent feedback was the pleasure it gave people to discover a shop selling handcrafted, wooden toys rather than the massed produced plastic of so many high street shops. We even had suggestions of new products!

And this incredible response from our customers has got us thinking; if people love these products so much, how can we get the word out to more people? We’ve put our thinking caps on – watch this space!

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