Trashy Bags

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Trashy Bags are a social enterprise based in Accra, Ghana. They collect waste plastic and transform it into practical and fashionable bags.

Trashy Bags are more than just unique and stylish products, they also stand for change, self-empowerment and above all, hope!

Trashy Bags is a truly grassroots initiative that gives ordinary Africans a sense of pride in their ability to innovate and to turn the serious problem of plastic trash into an opportunity. It not only provides them with an income but also gives them the confidence that they are doing their part to clean up the environment.

The philosophy of Trashy Bags is about providing motivation to people in Africa. Motivation for the general public to refrain from littering their streets and to dispose of trash responsibly. Motivation for people without a steady income to be rewarded for cleaning up their environment and collect plastic waste for recycling. Motivation for their workers to transform plastic trash into stylish and fashionable bags for you to wear.

The reality of life in Africa is often harsh and full of problems that are difficult to solve without the necessary resources. When the resources are available, they mostly come from outside of Africa in the form of aid money which does nothing to inspire Africans to find their own solutions.

Every Trashy Bag that is bought and worn demonstrates that Africa can find its own solutions to serious problems and turn waste plastic into products that can be enjoyed and will inspire people the world over.

What Anastasia Lavie a finisher at trashy Bags says;

“I have been working since I was 8 years old, selling things on the street such as bread, water, fruit… anything really. I went to school 3 times a week and the other days I was out working to help support my family.

“I don’t really remember playing as a child but I remember seeing other children outside and wondering how they had the time to play. These children were the lucky ones with parents who had enough money to support their family.”

“At the age of 18 I had the education level of a young child. My parents couldn’t afford school fees but I desperately wanted to go back to school …I found a school, one where I could learn upholstery, sewing and textiles. Suddenly I was on a path of hope and had a skill to offer and am now determined to give my own children a better childhood and a chance to be educated. Children need good memories, memories of playing and having fun, not working and being out of school.”

Trashy Bags have been working with charities to provide bags for school children all over Ghana . Last month over 250 Trashy School Bags were donated to Sakuba school in the Kumbungu District in the North of Ghana.