Ukuva iAfrica marinade sauces

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Ukuva iAfrica marinade sauces are produced in Cape Town, South Africa but reflect the flavours of the whole of the continent. Why not try these ideas from Ukuva iAfrica this summer?

Baobab Cha-ka-la-ka

Delicious with flame grilled lamb, goat, pork, chicken, corn or vegetable skewers • Delectable dip for fries • Add to mayonnaise or cream cheese for a corn-chip dip • Spread on cheese and cold meat sandwiches • Fabulous mixed into yoghurt to slow-cook chicken or goat • Add to stir-fried vegetables (with chilli if needed!).

Chermoula North Africa

Mix a tablespoonful with equal measures of oil, white wine and water and brush onto game fish, chicken, lamb, or young goat – rest for half an hour before grilling. Serve with Chermoula Sauce on the side. Excellent in North African salads with bulgar wheat, parsley, tomato, and cucumber – also great mixed into mayonnaise, cream cheese or avocado as a dip for vegetables, breadsticks or chips. Deliciously versatile – try it on a chicken sandwich with dark rye bread and feta cheese and tomato…

Malawi Gold

For a superb sandwich spread or crudite’s dip, fork Malawi into cottage cheese or cream cheese • Paint onto chicken or pork before grilling over open coals • Malawi makes an excellent base for a pasta sauce • Add to a stock-fish stirfry, or paint onto marlin or swordfish before grilling for a unique flavour experience.

Fire Sauce

Marinade game, beef steak, mutton chops or chicken in Zulu Fire Sauce before grilling • Stirfry thin strips of ostrich meat (or beef), onions, green peppers and a dash of Zulu Fire Sauce • Mix Zulu Fire Sauce with yoghurt and freshly grated ginger to marinade a chicken, strips of beef or kudu for a memorable taste of Africa.