We’re getting ready for a cracking Easter!

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Chocolate has always played a massive role in the life of Just and we love the fact that twice a year we can really indulge our passion for all things cocoa-based by piling the shop sky high with an amazing range of products!

Over the last couple of years the Real Easter Eggs produced by the Meaningful Chocolate Company have become firm favourites with Just customers! They’ve been a particular hit with local churches who have appreciated the option these eggs offer of marking Easter in a way that doesn’t undermine the place or significance of the Easter story of Jesus’ death and resurrection. Each product in the range contains a booklet explaining the Christian understanding of Easter and alongside the normal financial benefits of fair trade a minimum of 10p from the sale of each egg is donated to Traidcraft Exchange which works alongside deprived communities in the developing world.

There are so many great things about these eggs and we love the fact that our customers have really embraced them!

This year, the rest of our Easter egg range has come predominantly from Divine and their milk, dark and white eggs are as lovely as ever! But this year they also have a Shaun the Sheep egg, produced to accompany the Aardman Animations film featuring the eponymous lamb! It’s proving incredibly popular and we’d hazard a guess that the headband with ears included in the box may well have something to do with that!

But we’re also a big fan of companies who go a little bit off-piste at this time of year and so we’re loving Cocoa Loco’s hot cross bun truffles!! Since these come from the same company who produced sloe gin truffles for Christmas, we suspect these are going to be a taste sensation unlike anything you’ve ever had before at Easter!

Are you part of a church or other community group? We’re increasingly finding that churches appreciate the opportunity to bulk order Real Easter eggs from us as it limits the potential for disappointment! It’s worth pointing out, however, that the closer it gets to Easter, the more tricky it gets for us to source eggs in large quantities so get your order in sooner rather than later to avoid disappointment – phone 011 253 8032 or email justshop@hotmail.co.uk for more information or to place an order.