Divine Dark Chocolate Bar 70% Cocoa 90g


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The simple and elegant Divine 70% Dark chocolate is a 90g bar of Fairtrade rich dark chocolate with just the right balance of bitterness and sweet, with nothing unnecessary added


Divine Chocolate

Top quality everyday and seasonal chocolate Divine Chocolate is a global social enterprise driven by a mission. The mission to help end exploitation in the cocoa industry, creating a world where farmers thrive and prosper. Their business model reflects the belief that producers should earn a share of the profits they help to create. That’s why Kuapa Kokoo Farmers’ Union, a co-operative of over 100,000 cocoa farmers in Ghana, who grow the finest quality cocoa for their chocolate, co-own Divine Chocolate. Their stake in Divine Chocolate is a first in the Fairtrade world. They are certified Fairtrade, B Corp and some of their cocoa has Organic certification.