True Origin Smoked Paprika Shaker (50g)



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Smoked Paprika is the spice of life… some flavours are reassuringly familiar with a little nuance of intrigue, and some blends are a fascinating, deliciously seductive – these are the flavour adventures you won’t want to miss!

Sweet paprika, dried and smoked where the paprika is grown, by the people who grew it, is pure flavour enchantment for people who love smoky flavours.

Smoked Seasoning has an affinity with tomatoes, cheese and beef – a pinch of Smoked Seasoning is wonderful in pasta sauces and on pizza – its great on salads, in ‘bakes’ (like Macaroni & Cheese or a potato bake)- and it makes baked cheese crusts super special.

Ingredients: smoked dry paprika( 47%), coarse salt, garlic flakes(17%), dry basil(10%)