Life Running an Independent Shop

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From Smashed Windows

The week started with one of our large windows on Silver Street being bashed. I was left dealing with glazers quotes and insurance claims, not how I had planned to spend my time.

However seeing the spiders web pattern in the window reminded me of a dear friend no longer with us. Helena talked about a smashed up bus shelter in Sheffield, the glass spread all over the pavement. However she didn’t see the mindless vandalism, she saw the beauty of pieces of glass sparkling in the morning sunlight. There is beauty in brokenness, if you chose to look.

To be honest, I’m still fed up at having to spend money we can’t afford on the new window. However I will try to be a bit more like Helena!

To Hospital Deliveries

On Friday we got a call; could we deliver a teddy to a patient in Leicester Royal Infirmary? After a quick call to gather details, a Teddy was chosen and wrapped with a special message to the recipient. The senders’ friend was undergoing an operation at the Royal and she wanted her to wake up to the small Teddy to keep her company.

I got on my bike and peddled up the road to the hospital. I didn’t want to risk the internal post system delaying delivery, so I popped up to the ward to leave the parcel ready for when the patient returned from theatre.

It’s on days like that that I love my job. As an independent business we can chose to do what we like! I was happy to deliver the parcel to the hospital knowing that in a little way I was making a bad day better for someone else. To be fair, it wasn’t a big deal, the hospital is very local and only a small detour to my journey home.

We Are Special

Yes, that’s what I believe! But it’s hard work being an independent business, particularly right now. Every single one of our costs has gone up. If you like the idea of special deliveries, individual customer service, unusual products, different from mass produced sameness, then you need to shop with us!

We have been busy ordering lots of lovely stock in preparation for what we hope will be a busy festive season. This means we have more bills to pay, but not so much money! We are so grateful to everyone who chooses to shop with us, but in order to still be open next Christmas we NEED YOU to choose to shop with us THIS CHRISTMAS!

Tell your friends and family about us too, tell them about our beautiful products and how our mission is all about fair trade ethical and sustainable living. How we can all be a small change for good through the things we buy!