So Many Beautiful New Scarves to Chose From!

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We have so many new beautiful scarves in the shop. Many of them come from York Scarves, (no prizes for guessing where their business is based!) They have been working with a Co-operative based in a semi rural area of Northern India for many years. The co-operative was initiated in 1977 and is structured on a cottage industry basis with most of the community involved in one process or another. Some houses have weaving looms, some specialise in dying, some in tasselling, some in stitching.  Together the co-op create a beautiful range of scarves. Since 2007 York Scarves have been working with this co-op, visiting them each year as they thrive, learning from each other and growing together. Since then they have started working with other groups such as the group of mainly women weavers in West Bengal. The range includes cotton, silk and viscous yarn. Some are woven, others printed and some given a crinkled finish. Starting at £5.95 it shows that fairly traded quality scarves need not be expensive. They make excellent light weight gifts and are a pleasure to wear.