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Our Shop Corner Focus is all about wooden Toys from Sri Lanka Via Market Harborough!
We have been selling Lanka Kade toys for over 20 years and they are hugely popular. 

Lanka Kade was founded in 1994 by Upul and Diane when they returned to the UK from Sri Lanka. They met there whilst working for the Red Cross. They set up Lanka Kade to maintain their links with the country and its people that they love. The name Lanka Kade translates to ‘The Sri Lankan Shop’ They are now an important fair trade import business based in Market Harborough. 

Lanka Kade is known for its top quality wooden toys. Anne designs them to be educational and to encourage imaginative creative play, and it works, children love them!

The chunky wooden characters start from £2.70 so make excellent stocking fillers.

We even have Christmas Characters and Nativity scenes

Lanka Kade have built long-term, sustainable trading partnerships with their producers providing stability and protecting local skills. They encourage them to grow and become independent. They offer interest-free loans, training and independent financial support to help them.

Jigsaws start from £5.50 

During Covid times have been tough, Sri Lanka has had lockdowns. But Lanka Kade has been there as a business directly supporting their producers. That’s what fair trade business’ do! This is Santha using his tuk tuk to deliver desperately needed food parcels to the workers.

Lanka Kade continue to have challenges, with raw material shortages and international shipping problems.  However we know that Lanka Kade will continue to work in partnership with its producers in Sri Lanka going above and beyond, it’s the fair trade way of doing business and something we at Just are proud to be part of.