Zhambala String Lights

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Zhambala string lights are hand made, fair trade and ethically sourced. They come in a variety of styles all made in Thailand. Probably the most popular are the delicate rose lights. The rose flower string lights are made from skeletalised rubber leaves which can take at least a month to produce. Once the leaves have been skeletalised they are dyed in a range of colours, then they are treated to be fire proof. They are then fitted onto the light fittings. All this is done carefully by hand by skilled trained workers.

Zhambala also have pretty colourful fairy lights made from a combination of metal wire, sequin & nylon and rhodium coated star and moon string lights that will make any room truly sparkle!

Zhambala has been established since 2003, and trading as a limited company since 2013. They  specialise in importing the finest quality hand made products predominantly from Thailand. They work with skilled crafts men and women in villages in central or northern Thailand. 

Each string of rose lights comes with 20 light fittings, fitted onto a straight line wire ~4.3m long, with the distance from the plug to the first light ~1.5m and come with 3 spare bulbs. The fairy lights and star and moon lights are fitted with 20 LED lights that have a very long life but can not be replaced.

All the electrics are tested and passed by Nemko UK, one of the most respected electric testing companies in the world.